We offer the tools and road map to a fitter, healthier, stronger, and more empowered you! 


Crossfit Meadowlands is the last bastion for fitness and wellness in a sea of gimmicks, infomercials, and shortcuts. Our box includes 6 olympic lifting platforms, 40 yards of astro turf, 6000 sqft  of rubbered space, heavy bags for kickboxing, a suana, and a shower.  
We promise to show you the way to fitness, looking better, feeling better, and getting stronger both mentally and physically. The road will be sweaty, fatiguing, and sometimes painful, but there is no diet pill on the shelf that can compete with your mental desire, and there is no fancy machine that is worth mentioning beyond the machines that we ourselves embody. 

Come step out of your comfort zone and do incredible things with us!